Photo: DC at the Whitney by Barbara Gallucci

Remotes, Richard Rhodes Dupont Projects, Toronto

June 2016

My solo exhibition, Remotes,  is at Richard Rhodes Dupont Projects from May 14 to June 4. It's been 20 years since my last solo show in Toronto. I am showing six recent paintings of caves, as well as Mars Project drawings and a major Mars painting.

My New Studio: The Bunker, Toronto

November 2015

I am excited to announce that I have taken a new studio in Toronto as of November 1st.

This Bunker will be the new base of my upcoming, deep underground activities. Its sturdy cinder block walls are soundproofed. Its timeless florescent lighting insures consistent productivity. Its undisclosed western location assures long periods of uninterupted time for my 'preparations'. And most happily, the studios of such talented, young artists as Georgina Walker, Keita Morimoto, and Megan Ellen MacDonald are also in the same compound building.


Missing People, Film Premiere, New York

November 2015

MISSING PEOPLE, the movie by David Shapiro about Martina Batan and Roy Ferdinand recently won the Best Documentary Award at the Hamptons International Film Festival. It is having its New York City premiere at the DOC NYC Film Festival this month. (Sun Nov 15 7:15 PM Bow Tie, & Wed Nov 18 5:15 PM IFC Center)

Roy's drawings are terrific, David's film is fab, and I love Martina very much. The film also features many NY friends - like Sean Elwood, Ron and Frayda Feldman - as well as my favorite French bulldogs, Polly and Samson. Please check it out!



Sarah Charlesworth: Doubleworld, New Museum, New York

June 2015

My interview with Sarah is published in the exhibition catalog, which features her work as well as texts by Hal Foster, Cindy Sherman, Lisa Phillips, Margot Norton, Barbara Kruger, and others. While in NYC for the exhibition opening, I toured the new Whitney and LES galleries, conducted field research (several grueling expeditions to La Caverna) and had a very memorable lunch at Schiller's with Thierry de Duve, Suzanne Mcclelland and Lisa Blas.