Colony, 2008, Color, Stereo
This video is a chronology of Mars as it has appeared in international cinema. Selected film titles are seen over a NASA photograph of Mars and accompanied by a score composed of remixed sound effects from 20th century science fiction films. The video was shot on location in Wyoming during 2007, and also features music by the Canadian punk band, The Diodes.
After Icebergs, 2012, Color, Stereo
This video is refers to a travelogue by Rev. Louis Noble about Frederic Edwin Church's 1859 expedition to Newfoundland in search of icebergs. 'After Icebergs' (2012) begins with marine surveillance video from the top of Brimstone Hill, Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and later shows an iceberg fragment being digitized via 3D laser-scanning measurement in a Toronto lab. The electronic score is created from audio samples of various machines used to create the video.