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Ares Vallis, Mars, 2003
Rock, Columbia Hills, Mars, 2004
Mars Hillside, 2004
Mars Rover, 2003
Martian Landscape, 2003
Hill and Rover, 2005
Dunes, Mars, 2005
Tracks, Mars & Shadow, Mars, 2005
Mars Hillside & Mars Rock #1, 2005
Radiation Ranch, Mars, 2005
Lost Ice Mine, Mars, 2007
Burrow Hall, Mars, (interior), 2007
Burrow Hall, Mars, (exterior), 2007
Underground Arboretum, Mars, 2006
Mars Cave Complex Ares Arcadia, 2008
detail: entrances
Mars Cave Complex, interior cutaway
Cave Complex detail: ice mine
Cave Complex, detail: distillery
detail: greenhouse
detail: automated ice wagon
Ice Wagon Trail, Mars, 2006
David Bowie Exobiologist, 2010

Heading 1

Colony, 2008, Color, Stereo
This video is a chronology of Mars as it has appeared in international cinema. Selected film titles are seen over a NASA photograph of Mars and accompanied by a score composed of remixed sound effects from 20th century science fiction films. The video was shot on location in Wyoming during 2007, and also features music by the Canadian punk band, The Diodes.
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